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Hygromycin B CAS31282-04-9 China Powder

Hygromycin B CAS31282-04-9 China Powder,

Hygromycin B CAS31282-04-9  China Powder

Hygromycin B raw material manufacturers

Chinese name:Hygromycin B        

English name: hygromycin B solution from streptomyces hygroscopicus

CAS number 31282-04-9 

Molecular formula C20H37N3O13

Molecular weight 527.5201                                    

Content ≥99%

Appearance Slightly yellowish brown powder

Solubility: easily soluble in water, methanol and ethanol

Role Export is used for research in chemical reagents and scientific fields

Packing specification: 1KG/aluminum tin or packed on demand 2-8℃, keep away from light and moisture, airtight and dry